Behind the Blog

CONESXU: Connect.Explore.Support.

I wanted to write my very first blog post as an introduction to the ideas and passions that I built this entire adventure on. In doing so, I felt it important to break down the ‘CONEXSU’ title and the three words it represents; Connect, Explore and Support.


Connect. The word ‘connect’ is the first and most applicable to the blog function of this experience.

My vision for this blog is to connect my friends, family and hopefully others across the state in sharing all that I learn through my adventures in this process. Ideally, my blog will serve as a source of new ideas that inspire others to explore and support the communities around us.

In addition to connecting my readers to new experiences, I am hopeful that you can all connect me to some of your favorite parts of your local communities. Whether it be a small business in your area, a favorite day (or overnight) trip, or a community organization deserving of a bit more recognition. I aim to experience and share them here with others.

Explore. I chose the word ‘explore’ as it encompasses the idea of finding and learning more about the ways in which we can all do more.

We each have local adventures that make our souls happy. We also have local organizations that we choose to go the extra mile to support, whether it be a restaurant, small shop, or non-profit. And I feel that we can all benefit from exposure to new and different adventures as well as organizations to experience.

My goal is to explore these spots and share them here with others to also experience and love.

Support. The word ‘support’ is certainly the most essential part of this experience, and most directly connected to the passions behind my idea to begin this adventure.

I have long felt a strong pull towards supporting others. Never knowing (and still not clear) the shape this takes or the path meant for me. However, I know that I need to start somewhere. And what better place than exploring what is out there within our own communities?

I hope that through the experiences I gain from this blog, I will learn about and subsequently share ways in which we can support others, starting in our backyard.


I appreciate everyone who is starting out with me and taking the time to read what I have to share. I hope you continue along, and please share with me your ideas and feedback.

I hope you visit for my next post on Monday April 20th, where I will share with you my very favorite local beauty company! This business has provided me with a healthy way to feel great in my skin while contributing to the local economy.

“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.” -Coretta Scott King

Published by conexsu

I have long been planning to start this blog with the hope to connect, explore, and support (conexsu) local businesses, organizations, and individuals within our communities. I aim to promote this vision by sharing my experiences incorporating more local attractions and adventures, small business goods, and acts of service in my daily life.

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