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Beauty in goat milk

As I quickly approach 25, I have been increasingly focused on a healthy body. Currently, my very favorite products for taking care of my skin and hair, are ones I found during a visit to the Beekman 1802 store in Sharon Springs (during an impromptu day trip for the Schitt’s Creep pop up). And, as a side note, Sharon Springs is a quaint town worth a really great trip to explore and enjoy impressive food and shopping. I highly suggest lunch at the American Hotel.

The Beekman 1802 Story…

Beekman 1802 is a mansion and farm turned neighborly business by founders Brent Ridge and Josh Kilmer-Purcell. The property was first established back in 1802 by William Beekman- and thus we have, Beekman 1802. However, the star of the show really ought to be highlighted… the goats. And by the way, you can check out their website for a baby goat cam. Thank me in the comments.

The Beekman 1802 brand boasts an array of clean products from hair and skincare to sweet and savory foods (foods this blog post is not about- but you should definitely still give a try). Much of what is produced at the mercantile centers around the goat milk ingredient, and definitely does not disappoint.

There are of course, many benefits of goat milk that I will now very professionally explain. Goat milk is high in nutrients for your skin to soak up- such as vitamin A and a couple B’s. It also maintains a similar pH level as natural human skin, which, in very unscientific terms, is good. Additionally, goat milk itself is made up of fatty acids which aid in locking down moisture- outside of any added ingredients also known to ensure a smooth finish.

Potentially the most important aspect of this company, is that the founders of Beekman 1802 go the extra mile in establishing a warm and welcoming atmosphere around their business. All customers are referred to as ‘neighbors’, and they are also community involved. In the wake of the current COVID-19 crisis, Beekman 1802 is doing their part to spread community joy. They have been taking daily nominations for nurses in the front lines (my Dad being one) who deserve a little hand-washing luxury, and sending soap and lotion sets to our medical professionals.

My Favorites…

Though I haven’t yet had the opportunity to try all that Beekman 1802 has to offer, I have been able to explore a variety of products and added some new staples into my routine. Before sharing my favorites, I will preface this by saying, everything I buy is in the scent Ylang Ylang & Tuberose. I also enjoy the smell of the Honey & Orange Blossom line as well as the Schitt’s Creek tribute, Rose Apothecary scent.

For the face… Every morning I start my day with ‘The ONE Bar’, which combines properties from goat milk as well as egg whites for a very gentle cleanse. I have always been told by skincare professionals to use a gentle cleanser in the mornings, and a more targeted approach at night. This bar comes in a cute ceramic dish and leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean. ($15)

For the full body… My two go-to products for head to toe moisture and fragrance are the ‘Goat Milk Hand & Body Wash’ (which I keep in the shower but chose for its dual capabilities), and the ‘Goat Milk Lotion’. I love these two because they feel so clean, leave my skin noticeably softer than other name brand products, and the smell is very much not “perfumey” yet lasts long after applying. ($20 each)

For the hands… I try to keep Beekman 1802 hand cream in my purse, and it is definitely a must at my desk. Again, I absolutely love smelling like the Ylang Ylang & Tuberose line, but this product also does its job. I get dry hands in the winter and I find that a lot of hand lotions ware off quickly and I have to re-apply every hour. This stuff keeps my hands smooth for hours, and thus one tube lasts a while. ($15)

For the hair… Another product I like to keep in my shower is the ‘Apple Cider Hair Rinse’ for a more gentle clean in between full washes. In my opinion, this has allowed me to space out days between shampooing which makes my hair less puffy. ($30)

In addition to the products I like to keep around, Beekman 1802 also has full skincare lines including masks and eye creams as well as shampoo and conditioner options in the same scents as their body care.

I encourage you all to check out this brand in person for a day trip to Sharon Springs, and you can also check them out at In addition to testing their products, Beekman 1802 also offers farm tours. If you do give them a try, please share with me your feedback!

As always, thank you for reading and continuing to follow along. Two weeks from today (May 3) will be my next post. I hope you continue with me!

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