The Post-Quarantine Adventure Everyone Should Try

Obviously there are a lot… but let’s start here.

I recently bought a dollar store draw erase board for my fridge, and made a list of all the things I’m super excited to do after quarantine. It’s crazy the simple pleasures we so easily take for granted- dining out, grabbing a drink with someone you care about, the farmer’s market…a ‘quick’ trip to TJ MAXX! So I guess some sort of a thank you is in order to COVID for the unnecessarily tough reminder to slow down and smell the freaking flowers.

It isn’t new news I’m sharing when I say that this time has been tough; financially, and mentally. A lot of us have fallen off the wagon one way or another. Whether it be a halt to the routine you finally got rolling, or maybe the gym membership you actually started using. Could just be more frequent liquor store trips than you’d like to admit. I’ll say that all of the above applies to me. And it’s pretty tough on my anxiety (as I type this during day #51 of quarantine).This is why one of my top post-quarantine to do list items is an opportunity to unplug and relax to get back on track.

Adirondack Airbnb Staycations

If you ask me, I think the use of Airbnb staycations close to home is generally very underrated! And one of the best Airbnb staycation spots is right in our backyard; The Adirondacks.

This is a really awesome way to explore new spots at truly any price point, with an array of options in terms of driving distance.

We first gave the idea a go this fall (you can see a snap of where we stayed right below), and it was such a great way to disconnect and make great memories without losing vacation time or over-spending. I’d suggest this for a fun girls trip (or friends in general), or as just a nice getaway with your significant other.

Basically, there are two ways you can go about planning your Airbnb staycation…

One option is to open up Airbnb, and type in “Adirondacks” as your destination. Then select ‘stays’. Next, choose your filters to find the ideal Airbnb for you. For example; I would include my budget, entire place to myself, fireplace, hot tub, etc. Once you find the perfect stay that excites you, you really just wing the rest from there. Some suggestions….

  • Research the surrounding area for a new small town to explore. Go shopping, grab a meal, try a tiny little dive bar.
  • Message your Airbnb host! There is no better way to find the best things to do nearby.
  • Have a bonfire… its called glamping.
  • Make dinner together (and also your favorite drink-this simply can’t be left out). Airbnb options frequently have full kitchens.
  • Hike around. Find a keepsake, like a cool leaf or rock.
  • Make the trip out, and the trip home part of the experience. Stop at every cool/intriguing spot you see, you won’t regret it.
  • Stargazing. With wine.
  • Sunrise coffee… followed by sunset cocktail?
  • Bring games. Don’t forget the games.
  • Or maybe bring a craft?
  • Find somewhere to swim. Or kayak. Paddleboard if you’re coordinated.
  • Whatever it is that helps your mind relax, do that.

If the above isn’t the route you want to go. Understandably a spontaneous one. You can flip your planning around the other way and first find a cool little town you’d love to explore. Chances are there is going to be an Airbnb nearby. Plus, there are a lot of people ready to brag about their cute little Adirondack towns so you should have no trouble finding someplace great. Either way, the above bullets all still apply.

Whichever direction you choose, this is an experience that will not disappoint. The cool part about these trips like I said, is that time and expenses are so low and there are so many spots to discover. You can collect these memories and experiences and find what might be your new favorite place.

So get the babysitter on queue for after quarantine, and let me know if you decide to give it a try!

^^Some more snaps of our last Adirondack Airbnb staycation.

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