Why You Should Visit Your Local Farmers’ Market

There are so many incredible benefits of shopping at a Farmers’ Market, that it just makes sense to start incorporating a trip into your weekend routine. No matter where you live, New York State towns and cities love a good Farmers’ Market, and it is likely there is one (if not multiple) nearby. And yes, even New York City brings in plenty of local farmers and artisans to put on some of the largest Farmer’s Markets I have visited.

Here are some reasons why I think the Farmer’s Market is so underrated and deserves more loving…

The food is fresher AND cheaper…

Just about every stand is made up of fresh, seasonal goods that came right from the local farm. From fresh picked fruits and veggies, to the eggs collected that morning- your local Farmers’ Market offers an avenue to healthier eating.

Eliminating long distance transportation and packaging costs, as well as bulk harvesting, cleaning and preservatives. You will tend to find lower prices as well as healthier options. If you ask me, this already makes it a no brainer!

Plus, the majority of vendors use the square and have no minimum for accepting credit/debit cards. For the few who have not yet made the change, many Farmers’ Markets will offer a portable ATM for taking out cash.

You can probably find most of your grocery list (and some) here…

On a Saturday afternoon at the Saratoga Farmers’ Market or a Sunday visit to the Spa City Farmers’ Market, I can get the majority of what I need for the week.

If you plan meals for the week around fruits and veggies currently in season, you should have no trouble finding just about everything you’ll need. Beyond the typical fruit and vegetable stands, you can also get so much more. I get my peanut butter, pickles, honey, milk, eggs and seasonings at my local market. There are also meat stands, fresh herbs, baked goods, coffee, condiments, cheeses, alcohol and already prepared meals if you so desire. And of course, this list is not exhaustive and there is much much more the Farmer’s Market has to offer.

A trip to the Farmer’s Market on a beautiful Saturday or Sunday afternoon should get a nice chunk of your grocery list checked off, making a trip to the grocery store to get any extras pretty quick and painless.

You are supporting local farmers, artisans and community members…

So I have already explained how you will find fresher, healthier, cheaper goods at the Farmer’s Market which is already a pretty good reason to skip out on your heavy duty grocery run, but you will also be supporting members of your local community. And in today’s world this is more important than ever and in itself, should be a reason to visit.

The purchases you make at your local market are directly and immediately impacting the pockets of families in your neighborhood. Families who work hard for and rely on you to stay afloat and express their immense appreciation for each and every visit.

So why not feel GOOD about your grocery shopping that you already need to do anyway?

It is WAY more fun than the grocery store…

Obviously, but if you need me to explain…

A lot of Farmers’ Markets (Spa City Farmers’ Market in Saratoga is one) offer live music, samples at just about every stand, fresh hot lunches of all kinds, and a family and pet friendly atmosphere.

The Farmer’s Market is a fun outing for the family to get used to and excited for- which is something I know you don’t say about Price Chopper. So, instead of dreading the jam packed Sunday afternoon grocery haul, enjoy your Saturday or Sunday afternoon at the Farmers’ Market and save the extras for a quick stop Monday after work.

You make connections, bonds and learn new things…

Once you begin to frequent the Farmers’ Market and shop at the same vendors and see the same faces, it is inevitable to start new relationships within your community.

Plus, these people are EXPERTS at what they sell, so you can ask questions about what you are buying, learn best uses and new recipes. You’ll find veggies you never new existed. I learned about white beets last week.

And again, you are not going to find these perks at Price Chopper anytime soon.


This weekend I challenge you to put on your mask, pack your reusable bags, and head to the Farmer’s Market. Many times, you can even check out their website to see which vendors you can typically expect to see there.

You can also follow my Instagram page @Conexsu as I share some of my favorite local goods and why I love them so much!

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I have long been planning to start this blog with the hope to connect, explore, and support (conexsu) local businesses, organizations, and individuals within our communities. I aim to promote this vision by sharing my experiences incorporating more local attractions and adventures, small business goods, and acts of service in my daily life.

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