Plattsburgh, NY Doesn’t Actually Suck

You know how outsiders blatantly disregard the entire state of New York anywhere north of Manhattan? Well, us New Yorkers tend to treat Plattsburgh similarly. Honestly it does have like 13 families and smell like cow poop. However, there is a lot to be said about why this town IS worth a trip.

For those of you unfamiliar with the North Country, Plattsburgh, right outside the northeast part of the Adirondack Park- off exit 38 on the Northway (87). It is about a 2 hour straight shoot from Saratoga Springs, and roughly 4 hours from Central New York. Some may even consider it Southern Canada.

Despite common belief that Plattsburgh, NY is nothing but a frozen tundra of dispair; All the best activities Plattsburgh has to offer are most enjoyed during the summertime. So with that being said, I highly suggest you visit for a summer weekend. You could even make a whole week out of this trip thanks to the proximity to Burlington, VT and Montreal Canada.

Here are some notable spots to point out for your trip…


Since I decided for you that you will be staying in Plattsburgh during the summer months, I highly suggest Marine Village Cottages. These cottages are right on Lake Champlain and consist of 3 bedrooms, a full kitchen, bathroom and living area with fireplace and TV. Outside you have another fire pit and picnic table. Also important to note, they are very CLEAN!

Some cottages are lake front like the one I stayed in, others may not have the same access directly, but are still within lake view just across the dirt road. Another awesome perk of staying here is the main office with a general store, fire wood, grills and games for camper use.

The best part is all of this for such reasonable rates! A cottage nightly rate varies from $135-$195, which is at most $390 for a weekend. If you are traveling with family or friends and have say, 6 people in your cottage, that is only $65 each.

Here are some photos from my stay.


We all know how important a good restaurant or two are for a satisfying weekend getaway, and Plattsburgh definitely doesn’t dissappoint. Here are some great options.

Breakfast: Campus Corner is a really great diner with old time vibes, right in the downtown part of Plattsburgh. Locals will not hesitate to point you here for the best breakfast in town. (note: cash only)

Lunch: Valcour Brewing Company is a really cool spot you absolutely should check out when in town. Valcour is located within The Old Stone Barracks, offering history, great beer and awesome food. The dining experience is more casual which makes it great for lunch. (I will note that this is also an optional place to stay as there is also an Inn, which you can check out on their website.)

Dinner: Anthony’s Restaurant & Bistro has the very best sit down meals. Their menu is so unique, and my personal favorite is their Venison Steak when available. Anthony’s does a great job at sourcing local foods in season and has a cozy and classy environment.

Also to be noted… Plattsburgh is home to the Michigan, which is a super incredible version of a loaded hot dog. You can get one of these at McSweeney’s.


If there is one thing you should never under-estimate it is Plattsburgh’s ability to drink. Here are some good spots.

Daytime Drinking: Because why would you not? There are two spots to be pointed out here. First being Highlands Vineyard for great wine and an even better view (photos below). When not in quarantine, they have adirondack chairs and fire pits for an extra added cozy factor. Plus the family who owns this spot is incredibly friendly.

The next spot to mention is Ausable Brewing. On the weekends, you can find lots of fun and food trucks here. Just in case wine isn’t your thing. (On an unrelated note, in case you haven’t put 2 and 2 together yet, Ausable Chasm is right nearby and definitely worth the visit. It is also pictured above.)

Happy Hour: The best happy hour in town is 2 for 1 at Butcher Block, and if you are feeling a littel hungry before dinner, they also offer really great happy hour snacks. It gets pretty busy though, because all 13 families in town are regulars.

Late Night: Two of my favorite spots for a weekend evening in Plattsburgh are Sip, and Olive Ridley’s. Both are located right downtown among other restaurants and bars. I love Sip for it’s super cool and unique atmosphere, and also they have champagne on draft. Olive Ridley’s is great for a dive bar feel, with lots of space and live music. Green Room should also be noted as a popular night out. Here you can play games like darts, fooseball and pool.

Excursions and Activities

As I breifly mentioned earlier, Plattsburgh is a pretty short distance from some other really cool spots. But also- Farmer’s and Crafter’s Market! Duh!

Burlington, VT is about a 45 minute trip via ferry and has a lot of shopping, and the first ever Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream. To the north, you can get to Montreal Canada in about 1 hour for some exploring abroad to get yourself nice and cultured.

If you are into getting active, there is plenty of your typical lake fun to be found on Lake Champlain. Or, you can get out for a good hike at Poke-o-Moonshine for a rewarding view.

Regardless of your interests, I think we can all agree that Plattsburgh has something everyone can get behind.

First Farmer’s and Crafter’s Market of the season!

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I have long been planning to start this blog with the hope to connect, explore, and support (conexsu) local businesses, organizations, and individuals within our communities. I aim to promote this vision by sharing my experiences incorporating more local attractions and adventures, small business goods, and acts of service in my daily life.

4 thoughts on “Plattsburgh, NY Doesn’t Actually Suck

  1. Plattsburgh in fact, does suck. The restaurants are mediocre at best, with awful service. Downtown is filthy, City planning is absolutely awful, Absolutely no growth in site, and the people refuse to have anything fun or nice here. Jobs are very limited unless you’re a correction officer or State Police. (Plan on seeing a cop every 2 miles.) I live here and cannot wait to move in the next couple months. Do not waste your time with this place


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