The Coolest Airbnb Stays in Upstate New York

Pictured: Cozy Retreat in the Trees

Upstate New York is packed full of beautiful views, quaint small towns, awesome lakes and so much more. In exploring this awesome state, I have come to appreciate the uniqueness of Airbnb. Beyond your typical hotel, Airbnb stays offer a whole new dimension to travel and tourism. Each stay is an experience in and of itself and is guaranteed to make its mark on your travel memories.

The idea for this post began with a list containing 50 of my saved Airbnb wish list stays, that I (painfully) narrowed down to 15- which was no small feat. Each stay I want to share with you has something uniquely wonderful to share, and all are hosted by Airbnb recognized and trusted ‘Superhosts’.

You can also check out my past blog post “The Post-Quarantine Adventure Everyone Should Try”. In this post I explained the beauty in planning impromptu trips entirely based off of an Airbnb favorite, and the excitement you’ll get from finding a new favorite small town.

It is worth noting that my following favorites are listed in no particular order…

1. Ultra Luxury Treehouse. Cable Bridge and Waterfall
Photo courtesy of

Located: Remsen, NY

Average Nightly: $260/night

Unique Features: Easily the most notable features of this home are the suspension bridge and private waterfall, which alone are plenty of reason to make a trip out of this unique property. But taking a closer look; The combination of indoor and outdoor fire structures makes this a great year-round cozy stay. Furthermore, the open plan, glass walls and stylish decor really put the cherry on top of this place.

Airbnb Rating: 4.98/5

2.The Paddle Inn on Heron Hideaway Island
Photo courtesy of

Located: Cassadaga, NY

Average Nightly: $225/night

Unique Features: This stay is nestled on a private island, accessible by boat or arched bridge. Here you can fish, swim, or boat off of the private dock- the owners even provide a canoe and 2 kayaks during your stay. Or, you can simply take in the views from one of the adirondack chairs around the fire pit.

Airbnb Rating: 5.00/5

3.The Eddy
Photo courtesy of

Located: Phoenicia, NY

Average Nightly: $211/night

Unique Features: This cabin is the epitome of cozy. From the indoor and outdoor fire structures, to the interior design and private river view/access, this stay is sure to provide you with a relaxing weekend away.

Airbnb Rating: 5.00/5

4.Charming Rustic Cabin
Photo courtesy of

Located: Argyle, NY

Average Nightly: $145/night

Unique Features: The name says it all! This stay is truly the picture perfect rustic cabin experience. The structure, vintage decor, wood stove and isolated location create the perfect ‘off-grid’ weekend. But do note- this really is an off-the-grid stay, so read Victoria’s entire posting before booking.

Airbnb Rating: 4.95/5

5.The Catskill Cube Tiny House.
Photo courtesy of

Located: Forestburgh, NY

Average Nightly: $127/night

Unique Features: You knew I had a tiny home coming! A cool component of this place is the rooftop deck, perfect for taking in the views during the day, or stargazing at night. This tiny home is very secluded, and is equipped with an outdoor shower- and on occasion, outdoor showering can be a cool experience. (However, do keep in mind that when temperatures get low this shower may no longer be available, making this a shower-free stay.)

Airbnb Rating: 4.96/5

6.Get Cozy at The Barn in Tivoli
Photo courtesy of

Located: Tivoli, NY

Average Nightly: $424/night

Unique Features: From photos alone, you can tell this is bound to be an extra-cozy stay. Situated on 4 acres, there is plenty of space to explore the property, which even includes a creek and a pond perfect for picnics. Reviewers have also raved about the large dining table, swinging chairs, and back porch-naming this the perfect fall getaway.

Airbnb Rating: 4.92/5

7.The Lodge at June Farms
Photo courtesy of

Located: West Sand Lake, NY

Average Nightly: $304/night

Unique Features: This is the main cabin within this beautifully large property. Something cool to note, is that the owners offer golf cart rentals for exploring the farm during your stay. The Lodge is home to a shower you’ve only seen in your dreams and a living space you’ll never want to leave. Also on property, you can visit The Pony Barn- a bar/lounge to relax and socialize.

Airbnb Rating: 4.94/5

8.Casa Minnewaska
Photo courtesy of

Located: Kerhonkson, NY

Average Nightly: $276/night

Unique Features: This home is one of the larger on my list, with features that make it perfect for a family or friends retreat. Let’s start with the obvious- a back porch with string lights, a grill, dining table and hot tub?! In. Then you step inside, and this property is still amazing. I know I’m heading straight to the upper bedroom balcony for morning coffee.

Airbnb Rating: 4.94/5

9.Zink Cabin
Photo courtesy of

Located: Kerhonkson, NY

Average Nightly: $327/night

Unique Features: Okay, these deck views are unbeatable. I mean I would pay just to bring my own dinner and eat it here. And what a great space to cozy up after a big meal and take it all in?! Just take a look at these photos, this cabin is simply in a league of its own.

Airbnb Rating: 4.98/5

10.Camp Stardust
Photo courtesy of

Located: Piseco, NY

Average Nightly: $238/night

Unique Features: Camp Stardust is the quintessential relaxing cabin stay. Right on the water, indoor/outdoor fire structures, floor to ceiling windows all around, and the coziest interior. This stay is perfect for a family getaway, or double couples weekend!

Airbnb Rating: 4.97/5

11.The Glass House: A Hudson Valley Tiny Home Escape
Photo courtesy of

Located: Marlboro, NY

Average Nightly: $270/night

Unique Features: This tiny home has received a lot of attention from various blogs and posts, with good reason. Spoken honestly by its name, this tiny home is just about entirely glass, offering a 360 view of its wooded surrounding. What better sights to (quite literally) wake up to in the morning?

Airbnb Rating: 4.96/5

12.The A-Frame at Evergreen Cabins
Photo courtesy of

Located: Remsen, NY

Average Nightly: $236/night

Unique Features: Everyone loves a good a-frame. The amazing feature that this particular home boasts of is one of the most unique so far. The main bed inside this cabin physically rolls out to allow guests to stargaze at night. Stargazing from bed? Sign me up!

Airbnb Rating: 4.97/5

13.Sun Cottage
Photo courtesy of

Located: High Falls, NY

Average Nightly: $212/night

Unique Features: Another wall-to-wall glass window stay with brag-worthy views. Whether you are in the living space for dinner or game night, relaxing in one of the bedrooms, or enjoying the fresh air on the porch, the views amazing are sure to follow.

Airbnb Rating: 4.97/5

14.An Adirondack Tree House Retreat
Photo courtesy of

Located: Middle Grove, NY

Average Nightly: $250/night

Unique Features: This list wouldn’t be right without a house literally in the trees. This tree house even has an outdoor kitchen, fire pit and hammock. And no worries, there is indeed hot running water. If you are thinking of this for a picturesque fall stay, there is even an electric heater for chilly evenings.

Airbnb Rating: 4.91/5

15.Willow Treehouse
Photo courtesy of

Located: Willow, NY

Average Nightly: $360/night

Unique Features: Last on my list is another stay that has caused a lot of buzz, and I mean, look at it! Inside and out this tree house is magnificent, and so secluded. There is even a wood burning hot tub just to make it that much cooler. The reviews will tell you all you need to know about why this spot is a must stay.

Airbnb Rating: 4.95/5

Share with me your favorites! Or maybe somewhere I have missed that you love to frequent?

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