The ideas behind the blog. 

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I am 25, living in Upstate New York. Over the past 20 years I have spent time living in all parts of this awesome state. I have met great people, and gone on great adventures. Relocating has been a large part of my life- from Rochester to Syracuse, Buffalo, Saratoga and the wonderful NYC. Another big part of my life thus far has been my passion for others. What better way to start making a difference in people’s lives than through your own community.

My goal with this blog is to learn new ways to support small businesses, find all the best stay-cations, local trips, and ways to give back- and share my experiences here. Starting in New York State. Can we find local, healthier and more economically generous ways to replace the products we already buy? Can we spend our time exploring really great spots close to home? How much is there we don’t know about? And how can we support the many people in our own communities who struggle with life’s simplest aspects many of us take for granted?

 I aim to explore these questions and more with trips, conversations, product tests and more and share all that I learn here with you.

I hope you continue to follow along and share with me any ideas you may have. You can get new post notifications on the Homepage by sharing your email. Please see the Contact page to share ideas and inquiries! -Mickayla

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