The Coolest Airbnb Stays in Upstate New York

Pictured: Cozy Retreat in the Trees Upstate New York is packed full of beautiful views, quaint small towns, awesome lakes and so much more. In exploring this awesome state, I have come to appreciate the uniqueness of Airbnb. Beyond your typical hotel, Airbnb stays offer a whole new dimension to travel and tourism. Each stayContinue reading “The Coolest Airbnb Stays in Upstate New York”

The Post-Quarantine Adventure Everyone Should Try

Obviously there are a lot… but let’s start here. I recently bought a dollar store draw erase board for my fridge, and made a list of all the things I’m super excited to do after quarantine. It’s crazy the simple pleasures we so easily take for granted- dining out, grabbing a drink with someone youContinue reading “The Post-Quarantine Adventure Everyone Should Try”